Welcome to my page. I’m Marsha Lynne Mullen. I write stories, am working on a book, and still working on my college degree. I am a single mom; got divorced around nine years ago. And, even though that doesn’t define who I am, it is a part of what made me become this person.

To be able to travel is my goal. I have visited the Bahamas twice, been to the shores of Galveston, TX, the arid middle-of-nowhere Arizona, gambled in Las Vegas, gazed upon the majestic Rockies, and drove up the winding and scary road to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. I want to travel more, see more, do more. Writing is my passion that will be my pathway to travel, and travel will be my subject for writing. They go hand in hand.

Turning 50 was a relief, I got it done and over with, now I can move on and focus on something else.

I turned 50 in December, 2016. One day I ran into someone I know and the subject of age came up. I described turning 50 as this; turning 50 was a relief, I got it done and over with, now I can move on and focus on something else. And it’s the truth! We focus so much on the number – which is rather insignificant by the way – instead of realizing we’re still alive and as healthy as we choose to be!

Currently, I am a senior at Wichita State University. I am majoring in English, and minoring in Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, and Psychology. Rather eclectic, but since I want to write, these degrees will give me more creativity and knowledge. An English degree was a last minute decision, but I feel it really suits me.

I plan to update my webpage one to two times per week with an eclectic assortment of stories, tips, and suggestions. I have invited a few writers to join me, so you will see other’s stories here at times.

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Marsha Lynne

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