Driving Tips For Anyone, Anywhere

Safe driving tips, and driving suggestions, aren’t just for young people learning to drive, they’re for everyone. As we get older, we forget some of the things we learned at the beginning. Do you know the exact spot we’re supposed to stop at a traffic light, or stop sign? I see so many people that are a full car length away from the line, either not close enough, or too far over it.

Front grill of car getting destroyed at the grocery store?

Try this the next time you pull into the parking lot at the grocery store: line the bottom of the driver’s side mirror up with the white line or curb. The bottom of the mirror, lined up with the white line, will put you perfectly in line with where you are supposed to be. Try it! Get out and see where your front bumper is. Knowing this driving tip can save the front end of small cars.

Have a car that sits low to the ground? Every time you pull into a parking spot, do you pull all the way forward and hear that awful scraping sounds? It sounds like you’re going to lose the whole front end of your car! I’ve heard it, terrible noise!

Okay, so to make this simpler, let’s break it down. Driving tip number one:

1.  pull up to a curb, or to a white line.

2.  look at the bottom edge of the driver’s side mirror,

3.  line the bottom edge of the mirror up with the curb or white line,

4.  your vehicle is now right where it should be.



Does it matter what vehicle I’m in?

I’ve experimented with several different vehicles. School bus, small car, mid-size car, a large heavy-duty pickup, all with the same conclusion – this works for pretty much all vehicles. I have not tried a motorcycle, or a really small car like the Smart cars, but I’m thinking they shouldn’t be much different in how their mirror lines up with the line.

Even though I am listing this as a driving tip and suggestion, when you are at an intersection, it is actually illegal to go past the line if you have to stop. If you look at the picture below, you will see a car pulled way past the stop sign. If an eighteen-wheeler had to turn, the red car would be in the way, so is impeding traffic. I have never seen anyone get stopped by a police officer for this, but they can pull you over and give you a ticket.



Do you have any driving tips? Know any strange driving laws? Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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