About Kristi Marie

Books and Quill

Kristi is a personal friend of mine; our friendship dates back to 1986. My oldest sister, Ronnetta, and Kristi went to the same church. I think they became friends because they found out they both ate ice cream with a fork. Strange, I know, spoons work so much better!

Kristi has been through a lot in her life. Her first blog tells where her youth was shattered, and her future blogs will tell of the other things she’s had to deal with. Married, then divorced after her husband became a drug addict, she had to raise their newborn son alone. I’ll let her tell you her story, she’s had a lot of downs, but she has always kept her chin up, and has never stopped dreaming that life will someday, somehow, get better.

You can ‘hear’ more from Kristi by going to her new website and subscribing to her posts. You can then follow her horrors, her triumphs, her tears, and her laughter.