My Independence Day

Today is a brand-new beginning. How many times have we attempted to start something new, but then gave up too early, changed our minds, then later regretted that we hadn’t continued on that path? I am just as guilty as the next person. But – today I determined to change all that! Wanting to start my own blog, have my very own website, was something I had thought about for the last year. I even went as far as doing the research on what exactly a blog was, and how to start one.

At the last part of May, I found a writing contest. I thought it over for a few days before finally – actually – joining! But that is what I do, think think think, then talk myself out of whatever it is. Same story, different day. Joining that writing contest was a life changer for me. Sometimes that’s what we need, something to force our hand into jumping headfirst into something new. You know why I did join? Because I had told my 16-year-old daughter about it and SHE wanted to join! I couldn’t have her outdo me! So, we both joined.

The reason this changed my life is because of Jeff Goins. He is a best-selling author, and one of the hosts of the writing contest I joined. After the contest, he sent out a challenge for the contestants to start their own writing blog; he even has a course for blogging. Jeff Goins Intentional Blog has given me the drive, and the excitement I needed, to just go for it! So, here I am.

I left the site open for three days before finally purchasing my domain name. I didn’t know which host to use. Bluehost or HostGator? I used every excuse I could think of to not push the submit button. I did more research. In the end, I chose Bluehost, looked at their pricing options, did more research into what I would need, then selected the one I thought would work best for me. I then went to the payment options, put in my information, then got up and walked away from my computer. I think I may have a few commitment issues …

Today is Independence Day. Sometimes making a decision to do something, like commit to paying for a website (where you feel you are losing your independence) is the thing that will actually give you your independence! I am now free to start writing. But now I am committed to writing! Ahhhh! Ok, here’s the deal. I want to be free of the things that have been holding me back. Fear of failure. Fear of commitment. Fear of rejection. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with those fears. Face your fears, they say. Some are easier to face than others, and believe me, these have not been easy!

Today is America’s Independence Day. It’s also my Independence Day! I am declaring my independence from the fears that have been holding me back for way too long! Have I said Independence too many times? For some people, they would argue a resounding YES, but for others, like myself, obviously, it isn’t. The reason I say it isn’t said too many times is that the more you say something, it becomes your reality. Think you’re a loser? Then you are. Think you are a great person? Chances are, you are a great person. We speak into our lives the things we become. I am Independent. After I hit the submit payment button I spoke out loud, I AM INDEPENDENT!!!


Marsha Lynne


6 Replies to “My Independence Day”

  1. Marsha, one of my favorite quotations goes, “Leap and the net will appear.” You have indeed done just that. Congratulations on your independence (and for being a good role model for your daughter).

  2. BTW, I like how you use your first and middle name… I was thinking of doubt the very same thing for my writing works.

    1. Thank you, Kristi! If you don’t start today, then when? Go for it! Grab a pen, find a notebook, and start writing. You don’t have to have a specific subject, just start with what your pen puts on that paper. Once an idea starts to flow, it’ll get easier and easier.

  3. Good luck on your journey. it’s hard to make a commitment when the future is unknown but success is taking 1 step at a time, learning from your mistakes and keep marching on.

    1. That is so profound! That first step is so hard! It’s like putting your toe into the water, knowing it’s going to be super cold, and very uncomfortable, but if you don’t get in, you’ll never get wet. The mistakes will happen, are happening, but without them, I will stagnate and die off. Thanks for cheering me on!

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